Forget Love Stories: This Real-Life Tale Will Make Your Skin Crawl!

BOOKS: the only thing keeping me sane in this crazy world. If you’re expecting a love story today, you’re about to be deeply disappointed. It’s actually a tale of horror, but don’t worry—I’ll try to keep the gore to a minimum. BUT BE WARNED: This is kind of gross.  Picture this: I’m dutifully washing dishes, […]

The Day My Yoga Pose Shattered More Than My Ego 🙈

Exercise? I thought you said extra fries. Or was it extra reads? Happy Friday, from where warrior poses clash with delicate art! Picture this: Me, Olivia, your favorite purveyor of steamy romance tales, holding a Warrior Pose so fierce even the cat was avoiding me.  I’ve finally thrown my hat into the yoga ring, searching for that […]

Is My Cat a Better Writer Than Me? 🤔

Happy Friday, from the epicenter of romance and random cat leaps! Picture this: Me, knee-deep in a love scene for my upcoming novel. My fingers are a blur on the keyboard. The air’s thick with romantic tension, as if Cupid himself were hanging out, ready to loose an arrow. Our heroine’s on the edge of […]

Summer Reading

There are no clean spoons in the house so as I type this, I am currently stirring creamer into my coffee with a spatula.  (… girls gotta do what girls gotta do. Especially when there is morning caffeine on the line)  And in other news:  It’s getting hot. Summer is here.  I can always tell, […]

Have you heard about the PERFECT tool for readers??

My husband is the type of guy who won’t start something unless he has the right tools. Otherwise, sorry, we can’t start. Nope. Not a thing. A hard pause is in effect.  So now that we’ve established that fact, let me get to the meat of our story…  It all begins with Yoga.  (… I […]

Go on… get drunk

Someone told me yesterday that Gratitude is Wine for the Soul.  (… actually, I think it was on the sandwich board at the wine bar I stopped at for Happy Hour.)  Anyway, roll with me here…  It’s time to get a little drunk.  x Picture it: It’s early morning. The sun is just coming out to […]

Has a book ever hurt you?

Reading is a dangerous hobby, my friend!  Watch your back.  Proof, you say? You want proof?  Here you go… Last night, I was sitting on the couch reading a book about how to raise backyard quail (don’t ask).  And then it happened.  I yawned.  And my neck decided that was it, it had had enough.  […]

Plot Twist

My husband doesn’t usually play practical jokes.  But today, he decided to throw out all our long-standing history of trust, love, and respect that we have for each other, and play an April Fools Day joke on me.  PHOTO CREDIT: But the man… he is diabolically clever.  A trait that attracted me to him, yes, […]

Worst. Haircut. Ever.

“Is it supposed to be uneven like that?”  I raise an eyebrow at my husband in the bathroom, then go back surveying the wreckage of my newly chopped hair. “No, no it’s not.”  “Did [INSERT name of best hairstylist EVER] give you that cut?”  “She was sick so they rescheduled me with the new girl,” I […]

I Cry at Weddings (and other writing fails)

I’m exhausted. And also annoyed…  … 100% at myself.  (Okay maybe 98% at myself and 2% at the barking dog next door who hasn’t stopped yipping for the past hour, but I digress…)  My brother got married this week, which required me to put on real clothes and do ‘people’ stuff.  PHOTO CREDIT: Luckily, I […]