About Olivia

Olivia Savage: the literary lovechild of caffeine and chaos. Most days, you'll find her hunched over her keyboard, crafting steamy tales in her 'business casual'—which is code for PJs that have seen better days and a hairstyle that screams 'creative genius' or 'recently electrocuted,' depending on who you ask.

Yoga keeps her limber (for those hard-to-reach plot twists), and her coffee mug is basically an extension of her hand. It's filled with the elixir of life, also known as 'writer's fuel,' and it's the only thing standing between her and a total meltdown.

When she's not playing literary matchmaker, Olivia and her husband escape to the great outdoors whenever possible because nature is the best muse, and if there *happens* to be a craft brewery close by? Well, consider that a plot twist she'll never turn down.

So, if you're into tales of forbidden love, awkward heroines, and chemistry that should come with a warning label, Olivia Savage is your next one-click author. Just don't blame her for the book hangover.

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