My husband is the type of guy who won’t start something unless he has the right tools.

Otherwise, sorry, we can’t start. Nope. Not a thing. A hard pause is in effect. 

So now that we’ve established that fact, let me get to the meat of our story… 

It all begins with Yoga. 

(… I mean, where else?) 

One fine Saturday morning, my husband’s watching me do my stretches. After a cup of two or coffee (what was in there REALLY I wonder?) he decides it would be ‘healthy’ for him to start yoga-ing too.

I immediately agree. 

Of course, it would be healthy for you! You’re right, it’s not that hard! It’s just stretching, after all. Yes, it will be good for your shoulder! Plus, everyone needs better balance!  

Also (**secretly**) I can’t wait to see my burly, 6’2” husband try to twist himself into a pretzel 😁 

But, wait! There’s a problem. He doesn’t want to use my yoga mat. 

He’s too tall. And too manly for my pink ombre squishy mat from TJ Maxx.


No. This man needs a specialized tool before he can tackle this new project. One that is MADE to get the job done correctly. 

(… anyone else who’s lived with a man for any length of time relating here??) 

So, after hours of research, he finds the ideal mat. 

Yes, it’s a little expensive, but it’s extra-long and wide to accommodate his Viking-like proportions. Plus, it’s made from cork, so it’s naturally anti-microbial (… “Since I’ll be touching it with my bare feet,” he tells me while wearing his serious face).      

And thank you, Amazon, for two-day shipping. 

The yoga mat arrives. 

All the healthy living can finally begin!


And I’m still waiting. 


It’s been three months. 

Every few weeks, I meet my cousin for yoga. She loves to borrow that fancy cork mat 😂

To be honest, we’re both in for brunch afterward, where we drink mimosas and talk about the books we’re reading 😁

(Don’t tell my husband. He’s just happy someone’s using the mat)

Cheers for the perfect tool for the job!

Happy Reading, beautiful!

Olivia ❤️

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