There are no clean spoons in the house so as I type this, I am currently stirring creamer into my coffee with a spatula. 

(… girls gotta do what girls gotta do. Especially when there is morning caffeine on the line) 

And in other news: 

It’s getting hot. Summer is here. 

I can always tell, not by the weather app on my phone, but by this one house in my neighborhood…

You see, a group of college girls live there and they have a ritual that ALERTS me to when true summer temps have hit. 

I was driving by yesterday…

And they were all sitting in the front yard. 

Wearing swimsuits. 

Sipping rose. 🥂🥂

Lounging on beach chairs set inside inflatable kiddie pools.  

Honestly, I think it’s kind of brilliant. 😎

Let me bring my book, and I’m there! 

Stay cool out there, my friend! And make sure to bring a book 😉

Hugs & happy reading,

Olivia ❤️