I Regret to Inform You That Your Cable Connection is No Longer Working

So… this happened, and I was at a loss for words!  (Can’t even remember the last time I was left speechless)  Here’s the story… The other morning, I was standing in my front yard, hosing down the patio furniture (does anyone else do this? My husband thinks I look like a crazy person but it’s […]

All You Need are Books and Houseplants (… maybe)

I think I’m impatient for spring because I have been buying House Plants like my house will run out of oxygen if I don’t add a green thing to every corner.  It’s starting to look like the jungles of Hawaii in here… The cat is thrilled, by the way. My husband, not so much.  So […]

Is it too cold to read?

I am an Arizona native.  I am not made for cold weather.   Tan lines? Yes.  Margaritas? Absolutely.  Learning how to remove cactus spines from men, women, children, and all forms of animals. Please, I mastered that specialty skill set at age 6. But cold? Not so much. Which makes this week all the more fun because the HEATER […]

the New Year’s resolution I knew I’d never keep

At the end of every year, my husband and I have an “Annual Relationship Meeting” to review the past year, plan for the new one, go over goals, budgets, calendar, etc  … don’t laugh at me, I know it sounds very ‘business-y’ but behind my messy-hair-&-box-wine exterior lies a person who is a wee bit […]

All I want for Christmas is time to read…

I have been tasked with bringing two items for our family holiday get-together: Wine A dessert  The wine was easy (just pull from the ‘stash’ in the pantry) … And for dessert I decided to make cookies! All my food-planning was going swimmingly till I thought to myself, “you know, I should also make these […]

Have you ever read more than one book in a day?

The man I love & adore + me, sitting side-by-side on the couch…  The Husband: “You want to watch a movie?”   Me: “I can’t. I have to finish this book. It’s only been okay, but I’m almost to the end and I have to see if it redeems itself.” The Husband: “Okay, I’ll just watch something with headphones.” […]

Weekend plans: Pizza and books (almost)

My husband loves deep dish pizza… (I know he has good taste because he married me)  … but he always laments how hard it is to find restaurants in Arizona that do a good deep dish. And Chicago is far away.   … so I was SOOO excited when I found a frozen deep-dish pizza at […]

Books and Chocolate cake have eaten my whole weekend!

I don’t know what happened… But it all started with me reading a hilarious new mystery book series I discovered…  … and by the end: The weekend was over. I’d spent about $35 buying/ reading every book in the series.  And I mayyyy have eaten an entire chocolate cake. The Book: A Curious Beginning, by Deanna RaybournQuick Overview: Set […]

Why is there always so much laundry?

“Okay, I need your help,” I tell my husband with a huff of frustration. “I can’t get the dryer to work and I’m middle of laundry.”  “Yeah, no problem,” he says and follows my stomping footsteps toward the offending appliance.  “It won’t turn on.” I gesture dramatically at the now-useless metal box filled with dripping […]

Reading with one eye open…

“We should give you the nickname Winky,” he says. I glare at my husband out of my one good eye. The other one is so swollen I can only see through a thin sliver. “Either that or we can say I got into an epic fistfight walking the alley behind our house and defending our […]