So… this happened, and I was at a loss for words! 

(Can’t even remember the last time I was left speechless) 

Here’s the story…

The other morning, I was standing in my front yard, hosing down the patio furniture (does anyone else do this? My husband thinks I look like a crazy person but it’s the easiest way to get it clean. Anyway…) 

… when a guy with a clipboard wandered up asking if we wanted to save money by changing our cable provider. 


I am always suspicious of any man who I don’t know wandering up to my house (clipboard or no clipboard). 


If COVID has taught me anything, it’s that ignoring the outside world is 100% okay, so couldn’t he have had the courtesy to send me an email or something that I could simply delete instead of making me talk to a real, live person?  

But he was standing RIGHT THERE so I politely smiled and told him, “No thanks. We’re good. But thank you for asking,” and went back to watering my patio furniture. 

I thought that was the end of it. 

Instead, he gives me a look that conveys I’m clueless/ dumb/ an idiot for not wanting to ‘save money.’ 

Plants his feet like he’s not going anywhere. 

And then says, “You know. I should probably talk to your husband since I bet he’s the one who pays the bills and makes these kinds of decisions.” 




This man forgot one very important detail: I was armed with a hose. 😁

In Conclusion: My belief is reinforced that men in books are SOOO much better than real life! Thank goodness for my husband (he’s a keeper) and for book boyfriends! 

Happy reading this week, my friend. And remember: Hoses are great for spraying away from the crap and all manner of unwanted things 😁

Love, hugs, and warm wishes to you and your family, 

Olivia ❤️😘

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