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The Art of Hanky Panky

Painting Outside the Lines - Book One

Are You Ready to Break All the Rules?

From the witty pen of Olivia Savage comes a hilarious and scorching tale of forbidden love that's so good, it's practically a sin. 

Meet June: The Girl with a Plan

June Cooper is a straight-laced college student with law school ambitions and a life plan as rigid as a ruler. But what happens when that line intersects with a splash of color and a crazy-hot artist?

Enter Ryan: The Professor Who's More than a Fantasy

Ryan Carter is a visiting art instructor who can paint like a god and looks the part too. He's the spark to June's dormant fire, and he has an offer that’s as terrifying as it is tempting. He wants her to pose for him. Bare-naked. As in, "love handles, meet world."

A Love as Taboo as It Is Tempting

Yes, he's the professor, and yes, she's the student. It's complicated, forbidden, and oh so tantalizing. But that won’t stop Ryan from trying to uncover the masterpiece hidden beneath June's studious exterior. He challenges June to see herself in a new light, one that doesn't align with her carefully laid plans. 

When everything she's worked for hangs in the balance, will she stick to her safe, charted path or let Ryan redraw her world with colors that could erase her past?

What Readers Are Saying

"Gut-busting laughter and toe-curling romance. I devoured this book!

WARNING: Contents May Be Explosive

This sizzling novel contains a possessive artist, an innocent student, explicit art sessions, and language that would make a nun blush. 

Perfect for those over 18 who adore forbidden love, awkward heroines, scorching chemistry, and an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you gasping for the sequel.

The Art of Hanky Panky, - Book One

The Art of Seduction

Book 2

A sexy & hilarious tale of second chance love.

Have you ever imagined you’d fly to Paris and break into a trendy, elegant, uber-exclusive sex club, hoping to get a second chance with the lost love of your life?

Me either.

If you told me last semester I’d be standing here, trying to convince my shaking foot to step across the threshold, I would have thought you were a few fries short of a happy meal.

But a lot can change in six months and this is my last shot to win him back...

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