I am an Arizona native. 

I am not made for cold weather.  

Tan lines? Yes. 

Margaritas? Absolutely. 

Learning how to remove cactus spines from men, women, children, and all forms of animals. Please, I mastered that specialty skill set at age 6.

But cold? Not so much.


Which makes this week all the more fun because the HEATER IN OUR HOUSE IS DEAD

I tried to revive it. My MacGyver husband tried to revive it, and if he had no luck, then we have truly lost all hope.  

RIP heater. Also, repairman, please, please hurry up…  

… because it’s been two days and tonight’s low is 34!!! 😮😳 (Any of you reading this from the Great Frozen North, remember I live in the deserts of Arizona.)

This brings me to what is now the silliest reading position I’ve done to date…

Me, wearing my puffy winter coat in bed, snow gloves on my hands, with two pillows propped on my belly so I don’t have to hold my book – and the entire apparatus draped over with a fuzzy blanket.    

It took me a while to get here but it’s very comfy (and most importantly: warm!) then, minutes later: my husband walked in, looked me up and down, shook his head in **that way**, and then walked out. 

Lucky man. His life would be so boring without me. 

Wish me luck that I don’t freeze! And happy reading 😘


Story of My life 

This is the real struggle of a Bookworm! 

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