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— Spicy Contemporary Romance

Book 1: The Art of Hanky Panky

Book 2: The Art of Seduction

Spicy Paranormal Romance

Novella: A Kiss of Frost and Fang

**More Coming Soon**

Spicy Historical Romance*

*NOTE: This series has been temorarily retired and is waiting for an update (which I will get to as soon as I can!)

Book 1: Lessons in Desire

Book 2: Apprentice of Desire

Book 3: Giving in to Desire


Reading Journal for Book Lovers

The Art of Hanky Panky

When Practicality Collides with Passion, All Bets Are Off

Meet June Cooper—a straight-laced college student with law school ambitions and a life plan as rigid as a ruler. But what happens when that line intersects with a splash of color and an oh-so-hot professor?

The Professor of Your Dreams—Literally

Enter Ryan Carter, the visiting art instructor who can paint like a god and looks the part too. He’s the spark to June’s dormant fire, and he has an offer that’s as terrifying as it is tempting. He wants her to pose for him. Bare-naked. As in, “love handles, meet world.”

Forbidden Love and Sizzling Chemistry

Yes, he’s the professor, and yes, she’s the student. It’s complicated, forbidden, and oh so tantalizing. But that won’t stop Ryan from trying to uncover the masterpiece hidden beneath June’s studious exterior. The question is, will she let him? 

WARNING: This sizzling novel contains a possessive artist, an innocent student, explicit art sessions, and language that would make a nun blush. 

Perfect for those 18+ who adore forbidden love, awkward heroines, scorching chemistry, and an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you gasping for the sequel.

The Art of Seduction

Is Love Stronger the Second Time Around?

Dive back into the enthralling world crafted by Olivia Savage, where heart-pounding romance collides with art, and forbidden love gets a second chance.

June’s Journey Continues: Once a meticulous law student, June Cooper has had her world turned upside down. After a tumultuous affair with her art instructor, Ryan, June faces the aftermath of her life-altering decisions. One question haunts her: Can you ever heal the past?

Ryan’s Resolve: Charismatic and enigmatic, Ryan isn’t just June’s forbidden fantasy anymore – he’s a man on a quest. His canvas is incomplete without June, his muse and his torment. But can he paint their love in a light that forgives and forgets?

Love’s Tangled Web: Rekindled passion brings with it shadows of doubt and unspoken secrets. Their love, once a taboo temptation, now teeters on the edge of new revelations. Can June trust the man who has both painted and shattered her world?

WARNING: A Portrait of Passion and Redemption

This scorching novel brims with forbidden rendezvous, revelations that will leave you breathless, and love scenes that would set any canvas ablaze.

A Kiss of Frost & Fang

A Kiss of Frost and Fang Olivia Savage

A spellbinding Christmas Fantasy Romance Novelette and chart-topping Amazon Short Read.

Magic meets mistletoe at the enchanting Caffeinated Cauldron Coffee Shop. Elara, a vivacious witch with a talent for crafting magical lattes, finds her world turned upside down by Damien. The stoic vampire drives her up the wall with his frosty attitude and hotter-than-sin body. Oh, and he’s also her boss. As if crafting the perfect cappuccino wasn’t complicated enough.

But Elara has a plan to melt his frosty facade.

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, Elara brews a potion to soften Damien’s icy demeanor. It seemed like the perfect way to conjure up a little holiday magic…

Until it backfires spectacularly.

When the magical elixir reveals Damien’s hidden attraction to Elara, it ignites a series of events that could either spell disaster or a romance sizzling hotter than a freshly brewed espresso.

Embark on a heated holiday journey with Elara and Damien, where every electrifying touch sparks deeper passions, and the coffee isn’t the only hot item on the menu.

Caution: This book is steamier than freshly brewed coffee and comes with a side of vampire charm. Enter if you dare – the caffeine’s not the only thing that bites!

NOTE: More Stories Coming Soon! There is an entire world currently being created for this story line 😀 Witchy things are brewings. 

Lessons in Desire Series

Lessons In Desire series by Olivia Savage

*NOTE: This series has been temorarily retired and is not yet available to read. It’s waiting for a super-juicy update (which I will get to as soon as I can!).

Reading Journal | A reader journal for books lovers

Reading Journal by Olivia Savage

Are you a reader? Lover of the written word? Or searching for the perfect gift for a book lover?

Then this reading journal is for you…

Part book log journal, reading journal, reading tracker, and 100% book journal for book lovers, this reading planner …
A great gift for book lovers or a perfect reading journal for yourself!

Designed by readers, for readers.

With over 30 quick review pages, and 85 full review two-page spreads means you have room to RECORD OVER 100 BOOKS inside one journal.

Section Inlcude:

  • The Book Review Index makes it easy to pull up any book journal log you’ve written.
  • Dedicated sections for: Books to Read, Books I Have (and need to read), Books I Decided Not to Finish, and Books that Have Been Recommended to Me keep your book tracker all in one place!
  • Reading Log Time Tracker and Daily Habit Tracker means your reading tracker needs are covered!
  • Quick Book Reviews: help you remember the highlights in a quick-record format.
  • Full 2-page Book Review pages: for when you want to remember every detail inside your book lovers journal!
  • The Quotes to Remember area is a special spot for those lines that we SO GOOD you have to write them down (so you will never forget them!)
  • Favorite New Books I’ve Read, Favorite New Authors I’ve Discovered
  • Create your reading planner for the year with our Reading Roadmap, Reading Goals, and 100 Book Reading Challenge guides!
  • Bonus Sections: Notes and Thoughts bonus pages, let you record any extra details inside your reading journal.

Want to know what’s coming up? 

Check out the Coming Soon page for New Releases and Series Updates.