Books by Olivia Savage

Contemporary Romance Novels

The Art of Hanky Panky (Book 1)

What would you do if a hot, rich, famous artist asked you to pose for one of his painting?

… And, by the way, did I mention you’d have to be naked?

Completely, 100%, nothing to hide those love handles, nude. Honestly, it's mortifying enough to stand naked in front of my own mirror, but to do it in the same room with my mind-blowingly hot, totally off-limits art instructor?

This is so not something that I, June Cooper, had planned for this college semester. What I should be focusing on is working my butt off to pull in awesome grades and get into my choice of law schools.

No distractions allowed. Especially if they come with male parts attached.

The Art of Hanky Panky, Painting Outside the Lines - Book One

The Art of Seduction (Book 2)

In your wildest dreams, have you ever imagined you’d end up flying to Paris to break into an expensive, swanky, uber-exclusive sex club because, inside those doors, you might have a second chance with the lost love of your life?

Me either.

If you told me last semester that I would be standing here, trying to convince my shaky foot to take that step across the threshold, I would have thought you were a few fries short of a happy meal.

But a lot can change in six months. And in that time, my life has been tipped haphazardly on-end. Despite all that, there is one thing I’m almost positive about…

Love isn’t supposed to go this way.

The Art of Seduction, Painting Outside the Lines - Book Two