Texas Men Love Romance Novels

“…then after my wife read Fifty Shades, she attacked me when I walked in the house. That book led to one of the best nights of my life. The next day, I went out and bought her the rest of the series.” The man sitting across from me, telling me this story, is retired military, […]

Lustful Learning: Hot Professors and the students who want them

—– I’ve got a secret to share that you may or may not know… College students and professors sleep together ALL THE TIME. My first full-length novel, The Art of Hanky Panky, is about one-such-girl who gets involved in a very intense love affair with her art professor. It could be called a lust-affair. There […]

My uncensored opinion of the new Fifty Shades movie…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a fruit loop floating in a world of cheerios.  I just saw Fifty Shades Darker and [*gasp] enjoyed myself the entire time. The stretcher-bar scene in particular was shiver-inducing. I would watch it again just for that. (Wait, that’s a lie… there are so many other reasons I’d watch it again. […]

Writing a book sucks.

Most of the time, writing a book sucks. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. …okay, maybe on that one girl in 4th grade who tripped me and got mud all over my brand-new Lisa Frank trapper keeper… She can go ahead and try to write a book […]

“There were balls everywhere…”

— A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer. I was on my way to meet some fellow romance writers for a “work-date” (we were going to a bar to drink bourbon) when I saw dozens of red blinking taillights up ahead. “Great,” I thought. “There’s an accident, and now I’m going to be late for this crucial […]

BRAND NEW Romance Novel Release – The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction is available! After much, MUCH typing (and revising) my brand new romance novel release, The Art of Seduction, is finally here! (Grab it on Amazon today for only $.99 – before the special price goes up! And help me celebrate this exciting new addition to my library.) From author Olivia Savage comes the deliciously […]

One Word Mantra for New Year Resolutions

One Word Mantra for New Year Resolutions

Everyone knows that resolutions are kind of a joke. Like when we get up in the morning and tell ourselves, “Today I’ll _______” (exercise for two hours, eat only vegetables, organize the closet, donate a kidney). It’s a promise filled with good intentions… that we never seem to stick with. Despite all the phony-baloney we […]