If you love books, you’ll understand

I started a new book today and before I even cracked it open… I was having ‘the feels.’ You know what I’m talking about. 😉 … that giddy feeling of a new adventure about to begin … the excited butterflies of finally sitting down to read the thing you’ve been waiting all day to read … the pop […]

Book Hunting. (I promise it’s worth it…)

I have a confession to make… I BURN through books. (Not literally, of course… but you, fellow reader, know what I mean) But lately, I’ve been super-picky about what to read next I’ve returned three library books, where I didn’t get past the fifth chapter and deleted at least two kindle books, having stopped at […]

Should you set Reading Goals for 2020?

Okay, so here’s the skinny… I never bother to set reading goals. That’s like setting a goal to enjoy drinking wine. Ummm… DONE in like two seconds. (although I could totally get into these kinds of New Year’s Resolutions!) Reading is like breathing for me. I do it automatically. All the time. … except when […]

The MYTH of the holiday vacation… Where is my timeslot for reading???

Holidays… they always throw me off. I dream of sitting at home, sipping hot chocolate… okay, wine. Sipping wine and curling up on the couch with a book.  Time away from work and the real world. Blissful free hours to do nothing but catch up on my ever-growing TBR pile. But that is not really […]

Fall Book Cleaning… Is this a thing?

Last week my husband and I went on a MAJOR fall-house-cleaning kick (is that even a thing? Like the dark side of the moon to spring cleaning?) … and I told him I would “go through” all my books. I know. Mistake. But my bookcases may have looked something like this… I don’t know what […]

Always bring a book to the dentist office… it distracts from the PAIN

Went to the dentist today to have a cavity filled. I know what you’re thinking… Joy. 🙄 (… and, yes, I know I should floss more.) But despite the whistle of the drill, the numb face, and that weird smell of something burning (Pardon me, kind sir, but is that my tooth?), I actually had […]

Life’s Too Short to have Boring Hair

“Are you sure? Like, sure?” The girl behind me asks, giving me a look filled with questions and uncertainty. Not a good sign when that same person is holding a very sharp instrument right next to your head. “Yep. Let’s do it.” She tentatively moves toward me, then takes a step back. “Wait. Maybe we […]

3 No-Fail Ways to Get Kicked Off a Bus

(A tale from romance author Alexis Alvarez) Everything you expect with a cross-country bus ride and more! A story of rebellion, chaos and a bit of illegal smoking… Keep reading for a sneak peek inside the real-life adventures of romance author Alexis Alvarez. FROM ALEXIS: “My worst idea ever was to take the Greyhound bus from Florida […]

When Dreams Die… or do they?

Last spring was a gardening disaster for me. Read: epic failure with a side of WTF? I had started with the best of intentions, so very excited to have a tiny plot of dirt for the first time in years just outside my apartment’s patio door. My mom and both my grandmothers were gardeners. Some […]