Holiday Gift Buying Stressing You Out?

Some thoughts on the stress of buying crap… Did I say crap? Wait—I meant gifts… Whenever I start getting close to the holidays (or a birthday for someone really important to me) one of the first things I start stressing over are gifts. What should I get them? How much should I spend? What if […]

Why do I feel so restless?

When you just can’t take it any more. When you want to scream and run amuck…  because life feels so pointless, so boring, so same-same-same. It’s when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Like you’re missing out on living. It’s caused by a sneaky ghost that lurks in dark places. It’s name? Restlessness. I […]

What’s Your Purpose in Life

I smile to myself when I ask this question (I’ve asked it a lot in my life) because I’m just now starting to answer it for myself… and it is not the answer I expected to hear. I’m a writer and graphic designer. I use to believe that was significant because… if that’s what I […]

My Story, Olivia Savage

My story is probably a lot like your story… be a kid, go to school, grow up, get a ‘real’ (i.e. boring but pays well) job and starting doing all the things you’re suppose to do: Date and marry someone you love, buy a house, have 2.5 kids, go on vacation somewhere once a year, […]

I’m Ashamed to be a Girl

Do you remember the first time you were every ashamed to be a girl? Can you remember back… to the day or hour or moment where you realized that your gender made you different in a bad way? My first vivid memory of girl-shame was about age 11 or 12, young – still a kid. But […]