Sometimes I wonder if I’m a fruit loop floating in a world of cheerios. 

I just saw Fifty Shades Darker and [*gasp] enjoyed myself the entire time.

The stretcher-bar scene in particular was shiver-inducing. I would watch it again just for that. (Wait, that’s a lie… there are so many other reasons I’d watch it again. Most of them are 6′ tall.)

A group of friends and I went last week.

We oh-so-carefully chose a movie theater with a bar (check box #1) and a “rowdy” showing (check box #2) so that we could all hoot and holler appropriately when Christian Grey took his shirt off.

… and his pants

… and his underwear


mmmm…. what was I talking about? Oh yeah:

I’ve got a dirty little secret to share about why I love romance novels so much…

It’s for the sex scenes. 

They’re fun to read. They’re fun to write. And, honestly, I’m disappointed every time I pick up a book that doesn’t have one.

Because hot, passionate romance should have hot, passionate wanka-wanka, you hear me?

So all those folks who want to roll their eyes at me for saying I read ALL three of the Fifty Shades books and love the movies, I have three words for you…

Naked Jamie Dornan.

And—bam—there is no arguing with that.

Until next week, keep it sassy, my friend! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Inappropriately yours,

Olivia Savage


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