— A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer.

I was on my way to meet some fellow romance writers for a “work-date” (we were going to a bar to drink bourbon) when I saw dozens of red blinking taillights up ahead.

“Great,” I thought. “There’s an accident, and now I’m going to be late for this crucial meeting.” I hate being late to things, most especially when it involves drinking alcohol.

So I’m drumming my fingers against the steering wheel, trying not to utter expletives as drivers swerve in and out of lanes to pull six inches ahead of the line, and—finally—I make it up to the scene of the crime.

There were balls everywhere.

Even at that all-male review I went to in Vegas for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party, there were not oh-so-many balls. (That was a fun weekend, by the way, but a different story entirely. Back the bourbon…)

Have you ever played mini-bowling? A mini-bowling-ball is about the size of a large grapefruit but as solid as The Rock.

As I crept by on the road, there appeared to be hundreds of mini bowling balls (I cannot confirm or deny if this is what those objects actually were) literally littering the street. They had rolled into storm drains, driveways, and caught in the lip of manhole covers. The driver of a tilted, broken-down truck was frantically running around, trying to collect all his loose balls.

He may still be out on that road. I don’t know.

But I do know what it’s like to be trying to keep several balls in the air.

As an indie author, when you see something from me… it’s me. My books, my website, my irrational Facebook page, those drawings in my free coloring book, all that was cooked up in the far recesses of my brain.

Like you, I also have a “real job” and many other obligations (love you, family!) that take up much of my time.

Despite the crushing duties of life—and before I go make dinner for four—I wanted to take a moment and send out a big o’ sloppy, wet THANK YOU to you—fellow reader—for your support of my books. You have no idea how much it means when you take your hard-earned time and money and spend it on something that I’ve created.

I’m working on a brand-new storyline (to be released later this year so stay tuned!) and have been so happy with the response to my newest release: The Art of Seduction.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, grab one now, because the new-release price of $.99 will be going up after tomorrow.

Thank you again for your love and support. I promise that many new hot and steamy storylines are in the works. Keep with me, ‘cause this next book is going to be good!

Happy reading, my friend,

– Olivia

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