Reading Date Night – When All You Want to Do is Stay in and Read

About 8 months ago, my husband and I — realizing that we don’t spend a TON of time together with just the two of us — decided to start having monthly “date nights”  (I know… just in time for COVID) Needless to say, it’s been a lot of eating… in our car… while parked somewhere […]

Those Awkward Reader Moments

Soy sauce packets hate me. (… and they don’t seem to like my car very much either)  So before I tell you the embarrassing TRUTH about why I have brown spots all over my pants (okay… you might have guessed it from the opening sentence), I realized that I seem to talk a lot about […]

Reading in December, PLUS fireplace reading nooks every house needs

Us avid Readers really shouldn’t be asked to leave the house…. My husband and I drove up to the top of the Catalina mountains last weekend to “experience a little chill and get in the holiday spirit” (his words, not mine). I was happily reading in my comfy chair before all this happened.  Don’t get […]

What do you think: Can reading make a person happy?

“Eating spicy pickles straight from the jar.” My husband screws his nose up at my statement and I can’t help but laugh at his expression. Anything pickled is decidedly not his thing. “Our down comforter on a cold night,” he counters.    “Ohhh, that’s a good one,” I say and then look him up and down. “You […]

Bookworm Problems: No Sleep because I’m reading

I had a totally exhausting week at work! (Seriously, my to-do list was so long it could have stretched across the Atlantic and tickle the tip of Italy’s boot)  Needless to say, by the time Friday came, all I could think about was how grateful I would be to sleep in a little bit on […]

[FOR READERS ONLY] ❤️ How I turned my phone into a mini romance novel…

So… this might sound crazy (but I’m going to tell you anyway ‘cause we’re friends. Don’t’ judge me too hard)… Anytime I ask my phone for driving directions, it’s kind of like my own, mini romance novel.   Why???? Well, I changed the settings so the voice coming out of my phone is an Australian guy […]

[Book-related Question] Okay, do you do this too???

Hola! I’ve been lusting over all the new-release books that are supposed to be happening before the end of the year (it’ like windows shopping for me) and I getting more and more excited with every “coming soon” description I read! When an author I LOVE has a new release coming out, I will and/ […]

It’s official: friends who read are the BEST! ❤️

When you meet a fellow reader who also likes the same books as you???  Match+Made+In+Heaven! One of my cousins just started reading fiction books… she’s “never been a reader” but then she discovered romance novels….  … and we all know once that happens, you can never go back. 😁 Because there is nothing more FUN than book-chatting […]

❤️ 6 Book Boyfriends We Wish Were Real People

Since we all know that men in real life pretty much suck at romance, our book boyfriends exist to fill the void.  …But not everyone gets it. Often my reader-to-non-reader conversations go like this: “Who’s Gabe again?”  “The bastard son of a millionaire who has a lurid past but a heart of gold.Also, he’s hot. […]

A Slightly Scandalous Interview with romance author Anya Sharpe

This week I was super-excited to chat with romance author Anya Sharpe, where we discussed our shared joy for Red Wine and Crispy Bacon, gawking at nude beaches, and her new novel Royal Snapshot. Keep reading below for all the juicy details… Olivia: First off, tell us something ridiculous, funny, or inappropriate about yourself that no one would […]