I have a confession to make…

I BURN through books. (Not literally, of course… but you, fellow reader, know what I mean)

But lately, I’ve been super-picky about what to read next

I’ve returned three library books, where I didn’t get past the fifth chapter and deleted at least two kindle books, having stopped at that same point.

The reason I gave up on those books?

There was NO TENSION.

I can’t stand it when the guy gets the girl too fast.

‘Easy relationships’ are not why I read romance novels. I want them to fight for it. I want to cheer them on when it’s working and cringe when they make mistakes on the pot-holed, dirt road to love.

And I want the wanting. That glorious, hot, sexy buildup between two people that happens only when there is something standing in the way of what they want (which we know is each other!).

Watching that tension build is what makes me burn through books (yes, in both ways that that could mean)

… because I cannot wait to feel that tension released. The couple comes together. The great love story builds and builds until exploding into a massive, fiery crescendo.

All my favorite romance novels have this ‘tension’ element because, for me, it is what makes the story come alive.

Perhaps I’m getting better at spotting it early? Which is why I’m bailing on books that don’t seem to have it?

… or maybe I just thrive on drama.

Who’s to say?

(also, don’t ask my husband. He’d say the drama-part. But the man hardly reads so what does he know about good romance novels 🙂


I finished my 1st non-fiction read of the year! Yay, me! (More details on this here) It was You Say More Than You Think, a book about body language, and while I might be a 100% convert to the world of non-fiction (yet) I enjoyed the read and have started in on my next conquest! (Take that, 2020 reading goals!)

How about you? Have your 2020 reading goals been page-turning?


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