I started a new book today and before I even cracked it open… I was having ‘the feels.’
You know what I’m talking about. 😉
… that giddy feeling of a new adventure about to begin
… the excited butterflies of finally sitting down to read the thing you’ve been waiting all day to read
… the pop and sizzle of new romance in the air 
(fictional, I know, but absolutely fantastic still!) 
… the slightly overfilled glass of Black Box cabernet

Ohhh, the joys of the new book! Seriously, it never gets old. 
Is it weird that some days, I will literally daydream about what I’m going to be reading later that night? 
… and I have to stop myself from cracking it open in the middle of my workday? 
I tell myself lies like, “It’s okay to read while you’re eating lunch. Because you can put it away and pick it up later after work.”
… as if it simply a matter for shutting the pages. 

Image Credit: https://gph.is/1KPQFRw
But what if the book is amazing? What if I must know what happens next? 
No. It’s too dangerous a game to play… trying to read during my lunch hour. So I wait. And wait. 
And when the evening comes, the dishes done, family fed, and twilight has fallen, I skip with glee off to my chair… 
That chair.   

Where the adventuring happens. 
And the hours tick away unnoticed. 
Because I’m not really there. 
I’m happily, blissfully, finally stuck inside the pages of my latest read. 

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Image Credit: Twitter: @paperfury

Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

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