Since we all know that men in real life pretty much suck at romance,
our book boyfriends exist to fill the void. 

…But not everyone gets it.
Often my reader-to-non-reader conversations go like this:

“Who’s Gabe again?” 

“The bastard son of a millionaire
who has a lurid past but a heart of gold.
Also, he’s hot.
Like, I need oven mitts to touch the man.”

“And where did you meet this guy?” 

“I didn’t. He’s my book boyfriend. “


#1: Quiet, Brave and Intelligent 

Four From Divergent  

by Veronica Roth 

Four’s story was even more addictive than the original Divergent series.
He is thoughtful and I loved seeing him grow and
change as he switched factions and found his place in Dauntless.
This gave an even more complete picture of the world and characters.

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#2: The Arrogant Man We
All Grew to Love

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice 

by Jane Austen 

The original swoon-worthy book boyfriend.
(He HAD to make an appearance here…
you know you would have been disappointed if he didn’t)
Got to give it to Jane Austin.
The woman knew her stuff! (Jane, we salute you!) 

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#3: The Billionaire with a
“Hidden Life”

“Christian Grey” from Fifty Shades of Grey

by E.L James 

Brooding, sexy, and knows how to use a whip.
I get it. I sooo get it.

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#4: A Hard Man with Intense
Discipline, plus Magic 🤩

Jericho Barrons from The Fever Series

by Karen Marie Moning

Holy living hotness, batman! This book series
is the one that started my original full-on book boyfriend crush.
It doesn’t hurt that the man knows his way around a motorcycle either
… and other things 🙂 

(Photo Credit via Good Reads)

#5: The Scotts Man We
Can’t Get Enough Of

Jamie Fraser, Outlander

by Diana Galbon

Because I like Scotts…
or Scotch… nevermind — yes to both!
Plus, the accent gets me every time [**happy sigh**]

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#6: A Welsh Shadowhunter

Will Herondale, Clock Work Angel

by Cassandra Clare

A handsome man,
with wilt-worthy roguish in looks and manners.

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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Okay, I saw this, died laughing, and HAD to share it with you 🙂

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