Worst. Haircut. Ever. (… and a BONUS trip to the bookstore)

“Is it supposed to be uneven like that?” 

I raise an eyebrow at my husband in the bathroom, then go back surveying the wreckage of my newly chopped hair. “No, no it’s not.” 

“Did [INSERT name of best hairstylist EVER] give you that cut?” 

“She was sick so they rescheduled me with the new girl,” 

“Ah.” My husband looks over my half-shorn head again. “That might have been a mistake.” 

I shoot him another look in the mirror. 

“Want to grab a drink?” he quickly follows up. “And maybe go to Barnes and Noble to take your mind off it?” 

“Sounds perfect,” I tell him. “Let me grab a hat.”  

– – – – – 

Ladies, it’s bad! 

I present photo evidence #1: 

(Why is the one side sooo much shorter than the other?!?) 

… and the back looks like a bowl cut (I’ll spare you the horror pic) 

I have an appointment with my real gal tomorrow… I’ll let you know how it goes but I might be sport a crazy-short pixie cut for a while if she has to even everything out. 

On the bright side: I haven’t had the courage to dye my hair 100% purple yet — even though I’ve wanted to — so now might be the time! 😂 

And I got a trip to the bookstore out of it, so all was not lost! 😜 Never let it be said that I let a bad hair cut go to waste! 

Stocking up on reading material and hats this week 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AS1

Hope this finds you well and gave you a smile! 😃

Sending love, 

Olivia ❤️😘

Funny Romance Novel Covers

… ‘cause I needed a giggle today! 

(And they make me feel slightly less ridiculous) 

Lord of the Tube Socks

Can’t move on with this book title! lol

Photo Credit:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/392305817512845990/

Sleeping with the Fishes

Because why not?? haha

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/87749892711090092/

The Night He Ordered Stuffed Crust 

Late-night cravings?

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/297941331609870851/ 

How Much Longer Do You Want Me to Look For Your Needle?

Just keep looking!

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/302515299970131301/

Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Oh! Plus one more that got me laughing! 

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