What do you think: Can reading make a person happy?

“Eating spicy pickles straight from the jar.”

My husband screws his nose up at my statement and I can’t help but laugh at his expression. Anything pickled is decidedly not his thing.

“Our down comforter on a cold night,” he counters.   

“Ohhh, that’s a good one,” I say and then look him up and down. “You snuggling with me on a cold night.”

That one rewards me with a crinkle-the-eyes smile. 

What earned me that grin? 

We’re listing the things that bring us joy 🙂 I don’t know when this hairbrained idea hit me, but over the weekend I started fixating on all the little things in life that bring on delight, satisfaction, wonder, amusement, or a flash of happiness. 

Joyful things. 

Little things. 

Things that are so easy to take for granted. 

… when my baby hands me a mug of coffee in the morning.

… the excitement of buying a new book that I can’t wait to read. 

… the cool crisp that nips your skin in the morning winter air. (Unless it’s as cold out as a cat that doesn’t want to be held… then screw it! Bring me the down comforter and the coffee!)

And did I mention the books? All the books. All the words. All the glorious love stories just waiting to be re-lived, one page at a time. 

(Hopefully with coffee… and maybe a dash of whiskey. You know, to keep back the chill 😉)

If you have a list of the little things that bring you joy, hit “reply” to this email and share some love 😊 … I promise it will make you smile!

… and maybe want some coffee 🙂 

Warm Hugs and Happy Holidays!

Other Little Things that 100% Bring me Joy…

Photos of Baby Otters

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Snarky Snark

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Box Wine
(Don’t judge me 😂)

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Everything that Vera Bradley Makes

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Funny Coffee Mugs 
(since we’ve already established that caffeine is my drug of choice 🙂 

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PS. Alright, just one more 

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