Those Awkward Reader Moments

Soy sauce packets hate me. (… and they don’t seem to like my car very much either) 

So before I tell you the embarrassing TRUTH about why I have brown spots all over my pants (okay… you might have guessed it from the opening sentence), I realized that I seem to talk a lot about me…

Dropping things.
Spilling things.
Breaking things. 

… and occasionally trying to trick my husband into cleaning it up. (shhh, don’t let him in on it. It’s best for us all that way)

So I feel the need to PAUSE here and mention that I don’t consider myself an uncoordinated person. 


Total book nerd? Yes.

Coffee and wine-drinker extraordinaire? *ahem* pardon me while I sip from this coffee mug (Also… it might hold wine)

Hard core Star Wars fan? Little bit. 

But uncoordinated, bumbling klutz? I have no t-shirt that says this (and I DO have t-shirts for the other three interested listed above).

… but maybe that explains all the random bruises that mysteriously make themselves known all over my body.  

… I’ll have to think about that one.

My Point: I only see myself as slightly awkward. But make your own judgements. 

Back to the soy sauce… 

Soy sauce. All over the car. All over the windshield, the dashboard, the center console. All over me. 

Brown spots coating my palomino-colored Ugg’s like brown patches on a banana.

… And I don’t even want to talk about my pants. (but, ladies, it was NOT a good look)  

This is what you get for trying to have a nice dinner with your husband. While parked in a car. Eating Panda out of plastic to-go containers. 

I know. So romantic. This is what 12 years of marriage and “date night” during COVID looks like. 

But I guess it could have been worse. It could have been the Sriracha packet that exploded!

Here’s hoping you have a romantic weekend at home… and by “romantic” I mean READ all the glorious books! 

Hugs to you ❤️ and may your soy sauce packets never burst 😘

It hit me in that moment: Wow. Books are powerful things. They are more than just stories….

They are the friend who distracts you when you can’t take normal life anymore.

They are the vacation days we never actually take. 

They are the calm in the storm.  

When life gets crazy, books are always there. ❤️❤️❤️ (And wine… but those two kinda go together 🙂 

Hope that you too get to sink into a lovely, delicious, 100% scandalous book this week!

Hugs, kisses, and hope you enjoy my collection of stunning book quotes below (meant to give you all the feels only us book-lover will ever understand)

Awkward Reader Moments
we can all relate to…

So I was trolling about the inter-webs an can across this list of memes that KILLED me! I’ve pulled out my favorites just for you (and added a touch of commentary). If you want to check out the original article, you can see it from Buzzfeed here. 

100% I totally agree! 😂
I’m a pro! Been practicing my whole life

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

This is so me! 😂
… and seriously, how discouraging is it when you realize there are TOO FEW pages left for the story line to actually finish?!?! (I can feel a cliff hanger coming on…)

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Moments like this! 😂
For real, cleaning out books is SO HARD! It’s almost like giving up stuffed animals as kid…  thank goodness for my neighborhood mini library or I’d never be able o part with them! (it makes me feel a little better knowing they’ll probably still live close by)  

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

I know right?? 😂
And this one… oh-my-goodness… maybe it explains why I turned into he adult that I did when I go back and SEE the real story behind all my childhood favorites. 

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Same thoughts! 😂
The struggle is real!!! And stop asking me what we’re having for dinner… cereal, that’s what. Because mama gotta finish this chapter. 

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Priorities! 😂
I can’t tell you how many times my husband has told me something that I “nodded” to but didn’t hear because I was reading! (He might be using this as a weapon against me now, come to think of it… “Honey, I swear I told you about it but you were reading at the time so…”)

 Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Alright, you know I have to always toss in a funny one 😁😂

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