Holidays… they always throw me off. I dream of sitting at home, sipping hot chocolate… okay, wine. Sipping wine and curling up on the couch with a book. 

Time away from work and the real world. Blissful free hours to do nothing but catch up on my ever-growing TBR pile.

But that is not really how it really goes down, is it? 

*** FLASH *** to scene of me, in kitchen, making last-minute food stuffs and putting out fires…

Literally? Figuratively? It depends on how the day’s going.

… And if my father is trying to ‘help’ me cook.

So last week, my brother-in-law looks at me over the Thanksgiving table, similar stories falling from his lips, and he said, “I know everyone calls this time a ‘vacation’ but does it ever feel that way to you?” 

No. No, it doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I love all my family (yeah… okayyyy, almost all of them) and I really love spending time together…

But a “holiday vacation”? 

MYTH, I tell you! 

I’m sorry. If I can’t spend most of the day reading, it’s not a real vacation. 

… on a side note, the other 5% of that mythical perfect vacation day (when I’m not reading) should be spent standing up to refill coffee mug/ wine glass. 

Totally depending on time of day.

No, not really. 

I have no shame. The coffee mug on my desk right now might be filled with wine.  Kisses to you – and happy holidays! I hope you have at least one entire day this ‘vacation’ to do NOTHING but read : -)


What I’m Reading Right Now:

With all the non-reading-time the holidays bring [**sad sigh**], my cousin put me onto these 2-hour reads from Amazon. 

I was like, “What?! So I can sneak a story in between turkey basting and keeping Aunt Mable away from the cheesecake that hasn’t fully set yet?” 

Find it on Amazon

The book above is my (now favorite) cousin’s recommendation (… and is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit!)

This short read was hilarious and fun, and I want to make the German mulled wine mentioned in the book. 

SIDE NOTE: If anyone has a recipe, please email me.


Readers-Only Mantra of the Week:

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