Okay, so here’s the skinny… I never bother to set reading goals.

That’s like setting a goal to enjoy drinking wine. Ummm… DONE in like two seconds. (although I could totally get into these kinds of New Year’s Resolutions!)

Reading is like breathing for me. I do it automatically.

All the time.

… except when it comes to non-fiction.

Novel about dark, broody vampires ravaging people in the streets? Done.

You say this book is about a saucy librarian and a billionaire soon-to-be-her-lover? I’m all over that, sister.

But then you move into real life? (meaning non-fiction?)



I also know that most of the books that have changed my life/ shifted my thinking/ taught me something epic about myself have come from the non-fiction section of the bookstore.

(It does exist… even though I seldom wander its dusty shelves.)

But not anymore!

This year I am going to conquer my aversion to all things real-life by creating a non-fiction book list that I’m actually excited to read/ topics I’ve wanted to deep-dive into.

… because not all of real-life is boring/ annoying/ makes my eyes roll back in their sockets.

Just most of it.

2020 will be my year to make friends with non-fiction!

… and a few fictional vampires/ billionaires too 🙂


Do you have any reading goals for 2020? If so, let me know and Happy Reading!


For-Readers Meme I’m totally feeling….


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