Us avid Readers really shouldn’t be asked to leave the house….

My husband and I drove up to the top of the Catalina mountains last weekend to “experience a little chill and get in the holiday spirit” (his words, not mine).

I was happily reading in my comfy chair before all this happened. 

Don’t get my wrong, my friend. I love going places/ having adventures with my hubby… 

(as much as I enjoy reading, you ask? It’s probably best I not answer that this close to the holidays… some presents with my name on them might disappear from under the tree)  

Back to the mountain top!

When we got up there it was 41 degrees (That’s 5੦C for all my metric people).

Umm…. Hells no.

What do you call it when a snowman throws a temper tantrum?
A meltdown.

What do you call it when your normally rational wife does it? I’m sure my husband could tell you (… and maybe those presents under the tree aren’t as safe as I thought) 

[SIDE NOTE: To all my friends who hail from the great frozen North… Please don’t laugh (too hard). For a thin-blooded, desert-native like me 41 degrees is cold AF!!!!]

So here are my holiday wishings for you. May it be a cozy, warm, book-filled December!

A time meant for fires and reading, and drinking hot coffee till it’s a socially acceptable time to drink wine. 

… not climbing around freezing mountains.

Hugs and warm wishes, 

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