My husband doesn’t usually play practical jokes. 

But today, he decided to throw out all our long-standing history of trust, love, and respect that we have for each other, and play an April Fools Day joke on me. 


But the man… he is diabolically clever. 

A trait that attracted me to him, yes, but I don’t like it turned on me (only others, obviously) 

Do you want to know what he did? 

I shudder even typing this but… 

…he opened our pantry

…reached into the spice rack

… and turned all the labels backward. 


I am obsessed with those being straight (because how else are you going to read the dang things when trying to quickly whip out spicy chicken tortilla soup for dinner, I ask you!??!)

Okay. Breathe. 

This might be a pet peeve of mine.  

And my husband might know me a **little** too well. 

Funny man, my husband. Funny man. 


We’ll see how funny it is later when I ‘accidentally’ add salt instead of sugar to the cookies I’m baking. 😁

(I may have done this before on accident for real, but that’s another story)

Wishing you a sweet and salty April Fools Day! 

… just watch out for your spice rack 😉

Hugs and happy reading,

Olivia ❤️😘

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