I’ve got a secret to share that you may or may not know…

College students and professors sleep together ALL THE TIME.

My first full-length novel, The Art of Hanky Panky, is about one-such-girl who gets involved in a very intense love affair with her art professor. It could be called a lust-affair. There is definitely a lot of “lusting” going on (among other things).

And what happens in that novel has probably happened in real life.

Because when I was in college, it seemed like almost every professor (man or woman) was sleeping with at least one student.

… or a few.

… or had married a former student.

Let’s just say, there was hanky panky going on everywhere. (I see you all winking at me and nudging my shoulder, but more on my own college experience in a second…)

According to a survey from CollegeStats.org, more than 1 in 10 college students have slept with either their professor or their TA (teacher’s assistant). I think the stats for the Art Department (where I was) are probably WAY higher.

What makes art students and their professors so lusty for learning?

All I know is that everybody was sleeping with everybody else, regardless of seniority.

… except for me. (I know, insert sad sigh here)

But there was one art professor…

He and I hit it off like bourbon and ice. I may have been a little in love with the man, and I’m pretty sure he felt exactly the same way. There was just one tiny hiccup…

He was older than my grandfather.

(I know, insert sad sigh here)

So, alas, there was no hot college professor affair for me. Maybe that’s why I decided to write my own.


What about you?

Have you, or someone you know, every [*wink, wink] with their professor?

If so, share the love and shoot me a note on twitter or Facebook with #HotProfessor in text. (Or hit “reply” to this email.)

In anticipation of your scandalous response,
❤️ Olivia


You can check out Olivia’s first novel, The Art of Hanky Panky, on Amazon Kindle and Print Paperback.

(Don’t worry, the student in that story gets plenty of [*wink, wink] with her professor.)





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