Go on… get drunk

Someone told me yesterday that Gratitude is Wine for the Soul. 

(… actually, I think it was on the sandwich board at the wine bar I stopped at for Happy Hour.) 

Anyway, roll with me here… 

It’s time to get a little drunk. 


Picture it:

It’s early morning.

The sun is just coming out to play. 

There’s a fresh, warm cup of coffee in your hand, made just the way you like it. 

You’re standing there, looking out your front window, watching the world wake up. 

This is me, right now. Feeling so happy that spring is here. 

That new books are coming. 

And that I got to spend last weekend in Easter celebration with my family ❤️🥰❤️

(Minus the sneezing from hiding Easter Eggs in tall grass 😂 The sacrifices we make for the kids!)

Gratitude… I’m having a Moment Here

As I was enjoying the beautiful morning, I was struck with just how blessed I am. So today I want to share a few gratefuls.. (spell check doesn’t like that word, but screw them. I wanted to use it!)

I’m grateful for my rag-tag family (… most of us even like each other! 😁) 

  • I’m grateful for my husband – who puts up with me and loves me still (it will be 14 years this year ❤️)
  • I’m grateful for the newest season of Bridgerton on Netflix (Jane Austin FREAK here… but my husband can only “tolerate” one episode every couple go nights so it’s like having a built-in “no binging” partner)   
  • I’m grateful for this coffee (caffeine’s my favorite drug 😁)
  • I’m grateful to the authors I love, who keep publishing new books (God bless them and keep them strong! … because I need more stories! 😂)  
  • I’m grateful for all your support and for being with me on this crazy journey of life… NONE of this would be possible without you! ❤️

Here’s hoping this will give you a moment to think about what you’re grateful for right now… be it big or small! ❤️

Reading is an adventure of a lifetime (or many lifetimes? My TBR pile is huge). And I’m so grateful we get to go on this journey together 😘

Hugs and happy reading!