When you meet a fellow reader who also likes the same books as you??? 


One of my cousins just started reading fiction books… she’s “never been a reader” but then she discovered romance novels…. 

… and we all know once that happens, you can never go back. 😁

Because there is nothing more FUN than book-chatting with someone who loves, loves, loves the same style books as you

So many bottles of wine have been consumed while we talk books

Usually, the conversation going like this:

“How was that one?”  

“I like the cover. He’s hot!”

“Do you like slightly weird but awesome shifter/ reverse harem

“I’m buying it right now on Amazon.”  😂😂😂

Bewildered husbands aside, she and I have been having a BLAST sending books back and forth to each other. 

This is the true bond of reader-hood! She’s come to the dark side and she likes what she sees 😁. Romance novels will do that to you every time. 

So I’ve basically come to this new life truth:

* Regular Friend = Nice to have
* Reader Friend = The only person who truly gets it!
(… and who will lend you books from their Kindle library 😉 The bonuses never cease!)

“Bookworm Problems” Quote

Me… every time I finish a book 😂

That’s all for today, my friend. Hope this email brought you smiles and have a happy weekend reading!

Thoughts, ponderings, rants? Feel free to hit “reply” and shoot me a note back (FYI – this is my personal email address)  
Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

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