Happy Friday, from the epicenter of romance and random cat leaps!

Picture this: Me, knee-deep in a love scene for my upcoming novel. My fingers are a blur on the keyboard. The air’s thick with romantic tension, as if Cupid himself were hanging out, ready to loose an arrow. Our heroine’s on the edge of a life-changing decision: to kiss or not to kiss? 

(Obviously, the answer is KISS!)

I’m so engrossed in writing that the world has dimmed, the city noises fading as I lean closer and closer to my computer screen. 

Enter Roy — the cat, who decided my laptop was his new domain as he made a massive leap onto my keyboard. 

Hooman, you think you write the words? Now I write the words.

I swear I could translate his ‘mraaow’ as kitty-talk for, “Make way, silly author. I have letters to type!”

Being the pet-lover I am, I booted him to the windowsill. He glared back, as if to say, “You may be the author, but I am the KING.”

… and he’s not wrong. 

But back to the grind. As I sit down, I notice that my fuzzy freelancer has made an addition:


As I tried to decode his cryptic message, it dawned on me: Maybe he’s communicating some deep, emotional subtext. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s typing the feline version of “Call me Ishmael.”

The jury is still out on that one.

Until I figure out whether I’ve adopted a cat or a budding novelist, here’s my takeaway: Some of the best stories sometimes come from the most unexpected co-authors.

(I am deleting his line out of my novel though, lol)

Till next time, when I might just have a cat-authored novella to share!

Scribing & side-eyeing,

Olivia 😺📚

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