I think I’m impatient for spring because I have been buying House Plants like my house will run out of oxygen if I don’t add a green thing to every corner. 

It’s starting to look like the jungles of Hawaii in here…

The cat is thrilled, by the way.

My husband, not so much. 

So of course I started looking up/ emailing him ALL the articles that talk about how good house plants are for the indoor air, how they filter toxins and improve mood, how they have become like books to me…

Meaning: if I see one that piques my interest, chances are it’s coming home to get parked on a bookshelf till it merits further study. (or needs water… although I’m not so good about that part)

I’ve been firm in my house plant purchases, much like my book purchases, until last week…

… when my husband noticed that the plants were noticeably thinning. 

HIM: “What happen to all the plants that were in here?”

ME: “Hmmm?” 

HIM: “The plants. There used to be a ton of houseplants crowed on this shelf in the bathroom and now I can actually see the bottles that were behind them.” 

ME: “Oh, yes. I re-homed those.” 

HIM: “Like a rescue dog?” 

ME: “Exactly, we’re like a foster home for houseplants.”

HIM: [**Hard Pause**] “Did you kill them?” 

ME: “What? No, of course not! I just think less is more so I gave away the extras. The bathroom was looking too crowded anyway” (SIDE NOTE: I have accidentally killed a few of houseplants but he doesn’t need to know that, nor is this the reason for the thinning)

HIM: [**Squints**] “That’s it?” 

ME: [**Smiles with all the brightness of sunshine**] “Yep. Love you!” 

… what I didn’t tell him was that last night while brushing my teeth, a gnat, who was buzzing around the bathroom, flew up my nose. 

I blame the houseplants. Clearly, they needed to go. 

Don’t tell my husband 😉 It’s best if we keep this between ourselves. 

Hugs and Happy reading!


When you love plants and books

Challenge for every plant mama who is busy reading books 😉 

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/24699

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