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Books and Chocolate cake have eaten my whole weekend!

I don’t know what happened… But it all started with me reading a hilarious new mystery book series I discovered…  … and by the end: The weekend was over. I’d spent about $35 buying/ reading every book in the series.  And I mayyyy have eaten an entire chocolate cake. The Book: A Curious Beginning, by Deanna RaybournQuick Overview: Set…

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3 No-Fail Ways to Get Kicked Off a Bus

(A tale from romance author Alexis Alvarez) Everything you expect with a cross-country bus ride and more! A story of rebellion, chaos and a bit of illegal smoking… Keep reading for a sneak peek inside the real-life adventures of romance author Alexis Alvarez. FROM ALEXIS: “My worst idea ever was to take the Greyhound bus from Florida…

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Limp Husbands, Caged Birds, and why this woman needs a volunteer to take her to a strip club: an Inappropriate Interview with Author Kacey Shea.

Today I’m chatting with contemporary romance author Kacey Shea about life, love, strip clubs and her new book, Detour, which is coming out on June 1st… Olivia: Tell us something ridiculous about yourself? Kacey: I am terrified of birds. I get the full on heebie jeebies if a bird lands too close to me or…

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