[BOOK NERD] Is reading genetic??? Also… the struggle with going grey is real.

I have a confession to make…

I dye my hair. 

… and have since my early twenties.

Because the grey started to get really noticeable right around my 21st birthday 

(… and, no, it wasn’t because I all of suddenly started drinking… I might have had a nip or two before that date, so no connection there) 

So I did what any reasonable 20-year-old woman would do! 

I called my mother to complain. 

She said to call my grandmother.

My grandmother told me to talk to my great grandmother.

… and then I got wise to how this was going down. (also took notes for if I have a daughter… when she blames me for something, just pass her onto her grandmother! Genius!)  

It was then that I realized I inherited two specific things from the women in my family…

  1. A deep love of reading
  2. All-natural highlights! (aka, grey hair)

But if I had to get one to get the other, I’d say it was a fair trade! 

Seriously, reading is my hobby, my sport, and my obsession. Just ask my husband every time he tries to get me to watch a water polo game ( …I lifted my head for two minutes and ohhh’ed at the mostly naked men, before going back to my book)

So here, in writing, is my full-hearted thanks to my mother, my grandmother, and all the ladies before them for being avid readers… Even if it comes with a little silver lining. 

[My Current Reader Feel]

Primary reason I seldom get around to doing the dishes… 

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Seriously! I am only part-joking here! 

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100% How I felt when I watched the remake of Sense and Sensibility!!!! 

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