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WARNING: Contents May Be Explosive…

This sizzling novel contains a possessive artist, an innocent student, explicit art sessions, and language that would make a nun blush.

The Art of Seduction

Is Love Stronger the Second Time Around?

Dive back into the enthralling world crafted by Olivia Savage, where heart-pounding romance collides with art, and forbidden love gets a second chance.

June’s Journey Continues: Once a meticulous law student, June Cooper has had her world turned upside down. After a tumultuous affair with her art instructor, Ryan, June faces the aftermath of her life-altering decisions. One question haunts her: Can you ever heal the past?

Ryan’s Resolve: Charismatic and enigmatic, Ryan isn’t just June’s forbidden fantasy anymore – he’s a man on a quest. His canvas is incomplete without June, his muse and his torment. But can he paint their love in a light that forgives and forgets?

Love’s Tangled Web: Rekindled passion brings with it shadows of doubt and unspoken secrets. Their love, once a taboo temptation, now teeters on the edge of new revelations. Can June trust the man who has both painted and shattered her world?

WARNING: This scorching novel brims with forbidden rendezvous, revelations that will leave you breathless, and love scenes that would set any canvas ablaze.

Perfect for readers over 18 who love second-chance romances, complex characters, and a story that colors outside the lines.

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