When reading hurts – My Book Related Injuries

“Ouch,” I say while reading my current book. 

My husband looks at me over his glasses. We’re both settled into the couch, him on his end, me on mine. 

“Ouch!” I say again, this time shaking out my wrist. “It hurts.”

“What hurts?”

“My elbow.” 

I hear the implied sigh, even though he doesn’t verbalize it. “Why does your elbow hurt, dear?” (Please note: I have added the italicization of “dear” for emphasis… if he’s reading this right now: I love you honey!!!)

I smile at my husband. “It’s just my old reading injury, acting up again. 

That’s right, my friends. Reading is indeed a risky sport! (so haha to all those people out there who think reading is boring)

… not only do you risk blood-letting from paper cuts, Amazon boxes, or even dropping your Kindle and making a grab for it with knife in-hand while you’re trying to cut up your Oven-Ready Costco Chicken Cordon-bleu (true story… although I don’t recommend it. The “grabbing things with a knife in your hand” part. The Costco Cordon Bleu is excellent! Anyway… back to the injury…)

It’s official. Holding too many books/ iPads/ kindles in weird positions has given me a repetitive motion injure like no other. (You know… the same kind that professional athletes get! Like Roger-Federer) 

On a side note: Maybe any of Roger Federer’s elbow/ wrist strain is actually a reading injury… just saying, the man looks like he knows what he’s doing in that photo above. (Secret book nerd alert 🙂  

So where does that leave me? (besides side-dodging snarky looks from my husband?) 

Whiskey and keep reading. 


(Also… maybe use one of those fancy throw pillows to prop up my book. Yeah, that and the whiskey.)

Hugs, my friends, and happy reading! Despite all the dangerous bodily harm that may come as a result 🙂

Other Reasons Reading is a Dangerous Sport: 

You sit all “funky” and throw out your back:

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I know! but no regrets at all. Book is life ❤️

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Women who read are dangerous 😁

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Every library needs to have this warning signs 😂

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The best revenge ever! 😂

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Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Alright, you know I have to always toss in a funny one 😁😂

Don’t you hate it when you have to “adult” when all you want to do is stay home and read?

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