Top funny Book-ish moments of the month! January 2022

I can hardly believe that the month of January is already come and gone (WHAAAA?!?!) 

BUT I have consumed 5 wonderful books so far this year 😁😁😁 so I’d say it’s starting off right! 

How about you? Are you already deep into reading for 2022? 

If you want a little inspiration to stoke your love of all things reading, then keep scrolling! Here’s my favorite collection of the BEST cute, funny, and oh-so-true Book-ish moments of the month!

(If you’re a bookworm, you’ll love these 🙂

Hugs and happy reading! 

Olivia 😘 

Top Bookish Moments of the Month in Pictures:

This is so true for me!

Oh my, this is so very true for me!  

Top Cool Bookcase Idea 😍

Love the idea of these bookshelves! I want one in every corner of my house!

(Um… I need to get my husband on this…) 😍

What You May Have Missed

My Current Favorite Instagram Find 😃

When you can’t seem to move on from your last book… 😂

…. andddd second favorite 😁

My thoughts to people who say they don’t like reading…  

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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. One more before you go! 😆

Seriously, No one!