Top Book Moments of the Month! May 2022

Holy cow, can you believe that May is already gone (and almost a year’s worth of reading is behind us?!)

I’m currently working on my summer reading list and eye-balling a few new releases that are supposed to be hitting the shelves soon (I’m looking at you, Ilona Andrews… and am impatiently waiting to read Ruby Fever!!!) 


(Side Note: The moment I’m able to download that book, you won’t hear from me again until I have hit the last page. Fair warning, in case I drop off the map. 🙂 

For today though, I’ve gathered up my favorite bookish moments of the month so that we can both take a moment to smile, giggle, and indulge in our reading-life love affair!

Keep reading to check it out!

Sending hugs your way! 

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Top Bookish Moments of the Month in Pictures:

Every bookworm can understand

It’s foolproof! 

Nothing more! 

Top Photo I Had to Share 😍

Wow, I love this book of art 😍😍😍

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What You May Have Missed

My Current Favorite Instagram Find 😃

This is why I always keep my book handy😂

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…. andddd second favorite 😁

I felt attacked 😂

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PS. Basically me after book hoarding 🙂

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