Top Book moments of the Month! April 2022

Before I show you my FAVORITE memes, quotes, and photos from this month (You’ve got to see the library down below!), I’ve got to do a quick re-cap of my morning…

I was standing at my desk, working on my next novel.

(those early AM hours are GOLD! It’s before ‘real work’ demands my attention and no one in the house is up yet, wanting the same thing 😂)

… or so I thought!

So I’m writing.

In deep concentration. 

The caffeine is just starting to kick in. 

When: BANG!

Someone starts smacking the screen door. 

I jump as the sound ricocheted through the house.  

(Any of you who have all-metal screen doors know what I’m talking about) 

So I go flying to the front. 

It’s early. 

Who the heck is banging on the screen? Making all this racket? Interrupting my writing time??? 

Glare on my face, I rip open the front door. 

… and there’s no one there. 

I look down. 

Here’s what I see: 

It was the neighbor’s cat. 

He clearly knew I was up and needed a furry companion to finish my morning write-a-thon. 

How do cats know these things? 

There are some mysteries of the universe we’ll never know.  

Thinking of you this morning! Hope this finds you well and puts a smile on your face 😊❤️

Chat again soon 😘


Top Bookish Moments of the Month in Pictures:

I’m proud of it!

My favorite!! 

Hopes and dreams, my friends! 

Top Photo I Had to Share 😍

I wouldn’t mind spending my entire weekend in this place (or the rest of my life… you know. Whatever) 😁


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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Basically me after book hoarding 🙂

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