Top Book and Reader Moments of the Month – November Edition 2020

Blueberries were everywhere. 


But First – let’s talk about buying wine at Costco. 

Because it’s a problem, my friends. (And I mean “problem” the way having too much cash or too many LuLaRoe leggings is a problem) 

I routinely tell my husband I have to “shop at Costco” to save money on bulk food stuffs…

… when I’m really there for the deals on wine. 

(And, let’s be honest, the free food samples: Pre-Covid)

So my Costco shopping cart ends up 20% real food, 80% life-giving nectar of the gods. 

But this shopping go-around, I picked up one of those GIANT bags of blueberries because my husband is on a health kick, and has been making smoothies every single day.   

So a great sacrifice of my freezer space (God made ice cream for a reason), I stuffed in the giant blueberries and shut the door, thinking I was done. 

Alas, fate has a twisted sense of humor. 

And then next time I was in the freezer, I yanked out the blueberry bag )to get to the ice cream) …

… and it ripped. 

Blueberries were EVERYWHERE! 

This left me with a serious dilemma. I figured I had three options: 

  1. Actually clean the floor (with all these books to read, who has time for housework?!?!)
  2. Scoop things out from under the fridge for the 1st time in… maybe YEARS (and discover where all those chip bag clips have disappeared to!) 
  3. Or maybe… 

    A.) Nudge all those scattered blueberries under the fridge. 
    B.)Prop ½ filled bag of blueberries against the door in a way that will make them tumble to  the floor when the freezer door is opened next. 
    C.)Practice my “surprised face” for when my husband opens the door later that night. 

Votes for which one I picked? 😁

Happy reading, my friends! May your bookshelves be full and your wine cup runneth over (even if your house is dirty and covered in blueberries) 

Top Bookish Moments of the Month:

It’s soo true… you don’t have time to hear the list! (unless you like reading too. In which case, welcome!) 

Hahahaha I wish! 😂

100% true, my friends! (And maybe even from the same book, if you’re feeling extra naughty) 😂

Why Books are Amazing 😍

Imagine, rainy weekends in this cozy reading nook! How perfect! 

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Simple goals be like… 😂

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