To firemen (and the romance novels about them!)

My best friend is a teacher with maybe the best commute home from work on the planet….

Not because it’s short.

Or because there’s a great wine bar on the way

Or a discount store selling Vera Bradley purses at 75% off (..wait, that’s my thing, not hers… anyway…)

Her commute is AMAZING because, on the way home every day, she drives by a firehouse, …

… and there is always a big o’ group out front …

… playing badminton…

… with no shirts on.

[Cue happy, day-dream sigh]

I swear, the woman is living the commute-home dream.

I will often be on the phone with her when this natural phenomenon is happening (… coincidence? I think not!) 

And I can always tell when she’s getting close because a happy squeak happens followed by the words, “Just made the turn onto that street!”  

Because day-dreaming vicariously is better than no shirtless firemen in your life at all.  

May your weekend be filled with great reads and happy daydreams of your own!

Hugs & well wishes for you, your family, and all those you serve, 


A Homage to Shirtless Firemen

Car Seats

Dreams of mom’s everywhere 😂 😂

Modus Operandi

I think this cat is on to something…

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Birthday Candles

Strategic plans for my next birthday???? 😂

Romance Novel Recommendation: If you love all things hot, then you’ve got to check out this book about a hot fireman who proves that sometimes even good girls have to burn down the house 🙂 

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PS. Okay, I saw this, died laughing, and HAD to end on this 😂