Stay home and read…

Life’s crazy right now. And feeling more and more like a fiction novel I’ve read.

but today…

I want to bring a bit of light into your life. 🙂 Maybe make you smile. Give you a break, however brief, and an opportunity to reconnect to the one thing that brought us readers together in the first place.

… our massive love of reading!

Most of us are home right now and despite everything that’s going on, I’ve been working hard to train my brain to focus on love and kindness. And books. Lots of books.

So please enjoy this collection of the “Best of the Week” in the book world!

Posts I Soooo Connected with…

Cute Critters 🙂

Reading with their humans…

Everyone please stay safe and enjoy your reading time!

Wishing you all the Love, Hugs, and Page-Turners,

PS. Okay, one more. (… and I’ve still got my fingers crossed that this one will come true one day!)