Sleep is good. Books are better

Below is a very short recap of a conversation I just had with a friend

Me: “I’m not sure what to do… I just have so much trouble falling asleep!” 

Her: “Why don’t you try reading a book? That puts me to sleep in like 5 minutes.” 

Me: … 😐 “… You don’t know me at all, do you?” 

So… of course, I spent the next hour hunting down memes about reading -vs- sleep and texted them all to my  friend (who still operates under the crazy-person illusion that reading actually makes you fall asleep) … I was hoping that she would finally “get it.” 

My fellow-readers, the struggle is real! (And I know I need to accept that the non-book-lovers out there will never quite understand) 

But the bonus to you is that you get a copy of all the memes I found… enjoy! (and good luck with that “read to fall asleep” thing 😂😘)

There are days that I am in this situation! 😂

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3 AM problems 
Oh my, this is so meee 😂

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Bookish Problem
Every book lover can relate to this

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Bookworm Confession

Right??? Let’s not get too crazy here, folks! 

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Sleep Disorder
… and my friend thought this would SOLVE my sleep problems??? (not so much)  

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Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. I’ve been lusting over reading nooks this week and day-dreaming about the house I’ll build one day that is 80% library… so far this is my favorite one: ❤️ 

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