Reading and the smell of burned popcorn…

My “real” job was crazy this week so when the weekend came, all I wanted to do was: 

  • Sit on Couch
  • Read my books
  • Snack  
  • and drink wine (or course) 
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All was going according to plan until…

… I walked away from the microwave popcorn.

My first hint that something might be off was when my husband yelped, “Fire!!! There’s a fire in the kitchen!” 

I leapt off the couch and darted into the kitchen…

Smoke was BILLOWING out of the microwave, like a mini volcanic explosion. 

And my husband was standing at the back door, frantically swinging it back and forth in a futile attempt to pump out the smoke. 

Before I could say anything, I was cut off by the smoke alarm. 

Which was probably a good this since my husband had that look on his face (ladies, you now the one I’m talking about) 

I decided in the moment that:

A) Silence is golden 
B) I could live without the snack part of my master plan and 
C) My husband SO had this all under control (you go, baby!) 

… so I sauntered myself back to the couch, popcorn-less but happy to know I have a hubby who has such good instincts in emergency situations. 

Besides, that book wasn’t going to read itself 😉 

Hope your weekend is filled with great stories! (and lacking in burnt popcorn 🙂  


When All You Want to Do is Read…

More Books!

Everytime I look at my bookcase…😂

Book Worm Problem

This is legit! 😂

Constant Struggle

Me, talking to myself on weekends 😂

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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. And one more to share with you (This killed me. SUCH a dad joke 🙂

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