The Art of Seduction

A Painting Outside the Lines Series - Book 2

In your wildest dreams, have you ever imagined you’d end up flying to Paris to break into an expensive, swanky, uber-exclusive sex club because, inside those doors, you might have a second chance with the lost love of your life?

Me either.

If you told me last semester that I would be standing here, trying to convince my shaky foot to take that step across the threshold, I would have thought you were a few fries short of a happy meal.

But a lot can change in six months. And in that time, my life has been tipped haphazardly on-end. Despite all that, there is one thing I’m almost positive about…

Love isn’t supposed to go this way.

Believe me, I’ve been planning it out for a while and never, ever did it begin with me hesitating at the door of the most notorious sex club in Paris, hoping that I can (A) get in, (B) avoid doing anything stupid, (C) find the guy, and (D) run away before something embarrassing or scandalous happens.

Welcome, everyone, to the excruciatingly disastrous tale of me, June Copper, a one-woman wrecking ball. I can destroy lives, hearts, and chocolate cake in a single sweep. Please wear your safety glasses, because it’s about to get messy.

I’ve been wrong so many times over the past few weeks, even the weather man is starting to look dependable. But this time, I can’t zig left when I need to go right. This time, I have to figure it out, make a master-plan, stick to it.

Otherwise, I’ll lose him forever… I may already have.

Ryan Carter. Famous painter. Artist. Erotic, wild, toe-curling, earth-shattering, sexual connoisseur who knows exactly how to make my body sing.

Every toned inch of him is carnal, addicting, and hotter than a chile pepper dipped in napalm. But beyond his deep, dangerous eyes and sexy smirk lies the heart and soul of a passionate artist obsessed with his creative vision.

Ryan painted his way directly into my heart when he asked me to pose for his latest work. And I thought he’d be there, with me, always… right until I made the worst choice of my life.

And now, just when I think I might be getting through to him, a shocking shadow from Ryan’s past creeps in, pushing us further into the abyss and trying to swallow us both.

By now, my entire future is on the line and every misstep threatens to blow my well-orchestrated, win-him-back, get-life-on-track plan apart.

As I dig deeper and deeper into Ryan’s past, while trying to make up for my own continually stupid mistakes, I have to decide where to look away and where to fight for the man I love. And I hope to God that we’ll find a way back to each other after every dark secret comes to light.