Lessons in Desire

The Gentlemen's Society Series - Book One

When Clara Stanson’s family is bankrupted she accepts a position to train as a gentleman’s companion for the famed Apollo Society. She has no idea how extensive an education that will be.

Without a penny to her name she boards a train headed for California to work for a man she knows nothing about. The innocent, inexperienced Clara is brought under the rule of Edward Barton, a man she finds both irresistible and confounding. Edward has plans for her, big plans. All he needs to do is keep his feelings separated from the erotic lessons he’s contracted to deliver. But can he hold to his end of the business arrangement or will he want more?

“Who will be training me?” I asked.

“I will,” Edward answered. “As your official advisor it will be my responsibility to see that you are coached in every area that you… lack experience. I’ll plan your lessons and see to it that you meet all the requirements of a companion.”

“So my fate is in your hands?”

“Don’t worry, my dear. I’m a very good teacher.”

Something in his eyes made me nervous and excited at the same time.

Lessons in Desire The Gentlemen's Society - Book One