Giving in to Desire 

The Gentlemen's Society Series - Book Three

When the innocent and unworldly Clara Stanson agrees to train as a gentleman’s companion for the famed Apollo Society she never suspected that she’d become involved with a man like Edward Barton. He’s memorizing, breathtaking and able to play her body like no one ever has.

What Clara can’t understand is why he won’t take the final step in her training. Her body begs for it but Edward is impassively removed. When Clara decides to show him how ready she is the sexual tension between them explodes. But will it end in heartbreak or will Clara receive the release she desires?

Erotic, innocent, and all things yummy, the Gentlemen’s Society Trilogy is a series that will keep you up all night as you explore Clara’s new world of pleasure.

“What are we suppose to do here?” I whispered to my friend.

“We are going to give the gentlemen a little show. This is the Apollo Society, after all. And we will prove to your advisor that you are ready to become a full companion. Now, go stand on the platform and take off your clothes.”

“Excuse me?”

“You and I will play, mon amie. Which is something the audience will enjoy immensely and I think your Edward will enjoy even more.”

She gave me a push towards the cushions. “Now, strip.”

Giving in to Desire The Gentlemen's Society - Book Three