Apprentice of Desire

The Gentlemen's Society Series - Book Two

When Clara Stanson receives her first taste of pleasure, training as a gentleman’s companion for the famed Apollo Society, her body is awakened and begging for more. But her advisor, Edward Barton, begins to question whether they should continue. Clara is burning up with desire but Edward’s past pushes him away from the inexperienced girl.

But Clara is not a girl anymore and refuses to be denied. Exploring the passion that has bubbled up inside her, Clara embarks on a mission to finish her training while Edward resists his growing feelings that are pulling him towards her luscious body and witty mind. Images of her soft flesh haunts his dreams. How long will he be able to hold out under the searing sparks that fly between them?

Erotic, innocent, and all things yummy, the Gentlemen’s Society Trilogy is a series that will keep you up all night as you explore Clara’s new world of pleasure.

“You’re right, Clara, I haven’t been giving you the attention you deserve. You have every right to demand that from me, it was the agreement we had when you can to work here.”

He paused and moved his face closer to mine. “Thomas has been saying wonderful things about how your training is going.” Deep eyes searched my face. “He seems to think you have quite the fire burning in you. Are you ready to let it out?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

He leaned in closer, so close the hair across the nap of my neck fluttered. My heart began to beat faster and the aroma of Edward’s fresh, clean scent filled my nostrils. Closer and closer he inched towards me, pausing millimeters in front of my lips.

Apprentice of Desire The Gentlemen's Society - Book Two