In other news… It’s my Birthday! PLUS a list of book-ish things we all want

It’s my birthday this weekend so you know what that means…

Time to party!!! 🥳

It also means presents 😁 

(which might be 18.5% of the reason I married my husband. More on that in a second.)  

This week, I’ve spent hours trolling through Pinterest/ Etsy/ Amazon and texting my husband links with subtle hints like: 

“I thought this was cute. Sending for no reason.” 

“If you ever wondered, ‘would my wife like something this?’ the answer is yes… again, no reason, just sayin’”

It’s not that I don’t trust the man to pick out birthday gifts… 

… but I did get a vacuum sealed set of food-storage grains for my birthday one year (you know, in case of the zombie apocalypse), so maybe that’s exactly it.  

For my birthday this year, I figured I needed to give the man a little help.  

Better safe than barley.  

The list of book-ish things I soooo want for my birthday!

(There’s some fun stuff in here! 😁) 

The book seat holder and travel pillow. 

Wicked Witch Bookmark

This is a super cute and unique bookmark. When you close the book, the feet stick out!

Book Darts

This is a super cute and unique bookmark. When you close the book, the feet stick out! 

Bookend Stem Vase

This bookend is such a good idea! I can picture it perfectly on one of my selves! 

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Bookworm Travel Mug

Yep, this sums up beautifully why I read! 

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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Oh, and I found this too! (It 100% made me giggle 🙂