I have a new Series OBSESSION!

I must confess… I’m in the midst of a new-book-series obsession.

You know what I’m talking about?

It’s that joyous moment when you discover a brand-new book series and realize, with unabashed joy, that:

  1. You REALLY have never read these before (not just forgotten that you did, like, 10 years ago and it’s not really new. Don’t laugh. It happens)
  2. The author is AWESOME SAUCE with a side of siracha (because I like my books spicy)
  3. There’s more than one book OUT RIGHT NOW… so when you finish the first one, you can devour… I mean read with class, style, and sophistication all the words and all the pages and never, ever sleep again until you have utterly demolished every book currently in print.


… then Facebook-stalk the author to see WHEN she’s going to write more!



More exhilarating than a skydiving Antarctica in a bikini, I swear. (Do I know this from experience, you ask… well, just maybe so! But, no, not really. I hate the cold)

But if I did go to Antarctica, this would be me:


… because once you start on that new, beautiful, glorious creature that is a new series, it doesn’t matter WHERE you read, as long as you’re reading.


Happy page-turning my wonderful bookworm friend! The rest of the world may look at us in confusion, but we know the truth. Via la books.

… What is the series, you ask? It’s the Alex Craft, Grave Witch Series by Kalayna Price 🙂

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