Fancy Coffee and Books, Books, Books

This week, in life…

I’m standing in line with my husband, waiting for our coffee at That Coffee Shop That Shall Not Be Named. 

The barista calls our name, ready to deliver two glorious cups o’ joe. 
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Smiling, she hands me the grande oat milk latte with one pump of sugar-free vanilla and “just a little” whip cream on top. 

She then gives my husband the small black coffee.  

“Have a great day, you two!” she says in a fast, high-pitched voice that clearly shows she samples the goods of her venerable establishment (I cannot blame her. If I worked at a coffee shop, I would be permeably buzzed).  

… My husband and I look at each other. 

… We swap cups. 

He shrugs, takes a sip of his fancy coffee, and walks away with his man-card still (mostly) intact.

Got to admire a guy with confidence.

Hope your weekend is well-caffeinated and filled with glorious books!


While we’re on caffeine-related subjects…

[My Favorite Reader Coffee Mugs]

Big Books

Yes, I love big books too 😁⁠

F*ck Off

I need this mug!

Gentle Reminder

To anyone who dares

One More Chapter

All the lies 

Page Turner

 I’d say YES  100% 

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PS. Okay, I saw this, died laughing, and HAD to throw it in at the end 🙂