Crying all weekend. I just want to read my books!

For those of you who cook: You know how sometimes you get an onion that is really onion-y? Like the high-achiever, ivy-league level of onions who will make you cry harder than the first time you watched Old Yeller in 1st grade?

(… by the way, thanks for the warning on that one, mom) 

This was my plight this last weekend.  

Before I sat on the couch to read, I decided to be all “responsible adult” (I know, mistake #1) and do meal prepping. That’s when it happened…

… I got an onion that was not willing to go gentle into that good night.  

So as the tears started flowing, I did what any reasonable, logical woman would do …

I stole my husband’s steampunk goggles from his Halloween costume, picked up my knife, and went to work.

So not only was I being a chef extraordinaire, I also looked oh-so cool while doing it.  

Then my husband came home.

He paused. 

Looked me up a down (googled up, knife in hand). 

Immediately, he asked, “What did I do wrong this time?” 

(Am I really that bad, that this was his default reaction? Yeh, okay, maybe… on second thought, don’t answer that.) 

😂 Who knew that all it would take to put the fear of God into the man was a little sci-fi costuming and a rather large knife? 

… and yes, I will keep this info stored for later (when it could prove highly useful 😁)  


Reading Quotes so Funny They Might Make You Cry
(You’ve been warned).

This is my “I want to go with you” face!

Bookworm Problem

when you read the entire series and watch the movie..

A Couple of Years Later…

Haha! Yep, this is soooo me after a long weekend of reading!

Library Day be Like…

… or the used bookstore around the corner 🙂 

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Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. And one more to finish off the fun!